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Guest room Victoria

For 2 people

A soft and relaxing atmosphere. on the ground floor overlooking the meadow and the hens pecking in the orchard.

Guest room Eugénie

For 2 people

An intimate and warm atmosphere with old stone walls, terracotta floors, old beams on the ceiling.

Guest room Constance

For 2 people

A spacious room with beautiful light overlooking the large park.

Guest room Armance & Léonie

Up to 4 people

An elegant suite of two attic rooms to share with family or friends. A magnificent set with old oak beams, knotty and centenary. Certainly the most beautiful view of the property on the park and its swimming pool.

Guest room Célestine

For 2/3 people

An unobstructed view of the park as a whole with the swimming pool in the foreground. Its colors and decoration make it particularly soothing to recharge your batteries after a long day of visiting the region.

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